Mould Tool Design

mould-tool-design At Elastomer Engineering we offer a complete mould tool design service which is tailored to meet your particular product requirements.

All our mould tooling is designed in-house using CAD & ‘Solid Works’ software by our experienced design engineers.

We first decide the most suitable mould type (compression, transfer or injection), bearing in mind the shape of the product and the rubber compound to be used.

We calculate the most cost effective number of cavities given the batch quantities required. The grade of steel from which the mould is to be made is selected to give the optimum blend of economic manufacturing costs, long mould life, low maintenance and reliability.

Our long standing relationships with several local toolmakers to ensure that our customers benefit from competitive quotations & high quality mould tools.

If customers wish to free-issue an existing mould we will endeavour to use it in its existing condition. Should any repairs or modifications be necessary they will only be carried out with the customer’s consent. Tooling, once paid for, is the property of the customer. We are happy to retain tooling in our mould stores against the time it is next needed. We will not use tooling for another customer without the written agreement of the owner of the tool.