Material Development & Selection

rubber-material-development-bannerDuring the past 51 years at Elastomer Engineering our fully equipped laboratory has developed and tested a huge range of rubber compounds which include ISO, DTD and ASTM Standards, we currently have over 1000 formulations on our database.

Our technical team of qualified rubber technologists are happy to advise which material will be best suited for your application. If necessary we can alter an existing compound you may have or start a new compound development project from scratch by assessing the working conditions of your product.

We pride ourselves in being able to formulate bespoke rubber compounds suited to a customer’s particular requirements. However, our standard grades cover most applications, reducing overall costs and delivery times. We constantly monitor and apply current developments in polymer technology and use this knowledge to develop even more advanced materials which will benefit our customers.

Apart from laboratory compound development which are mixed on site, all industrial batches of rubber are mixed by trade compound suppliers in the UK to whom we provide details of the required formulation and with whom we have long standing relationships.

All compounds received are tested in our fully equipped laboratory before being released for production. This ensures that we have total control over our proprietary formulations.