Rubber to Metal Bonding

rubber-to-metal-bonding-bannerSince Elastomer Engineering began back in 1966 we’ve specialised in bonding rubbers to a wide variety of metals to offer our customers a complete service.

Our comprehensive in-house facilities include modern vapour degreasing plant, shot blasting, preheating/drying and painting. Some of the metals that we’ve bonded to in the past include;

  • rubber-to-metal-bondingAluminium
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Silver
  • Steels (including Stainless)
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Zinc

Customers may free issue their own metals for us to bond to or we’ll source them ourselves through our comprehensive supplier database.

Rest assured, that here at Elastomer Engineering, we have the experience and the technical expertise to offer an extensive bonding service to a wide range of industries.