Polyurethane Moulding & Casting

As an alternative to conventional rubbers we offer a range of high quality MDI-polyurethanes in both polyester and polyether grades.

In comparison to other rubbers, polyurethanes offer outstanding physical properties (e.g. tensile strength, abrasion and cutting resistance) as well as excellent chemical, oil and water resistance. The polyethers are remarkably resistant to hydrolysis, even in warm dilute acidic and alkaline environments.

Polyurethane rubbers can be manufactured in a wide range of hardness (from 55 to 95 Shore A) and in a wide choice of colours. Tooling costs are lower than other rubber moulding processes due to the lower pressures involved, especially if the products can be ‘open cast’. Polyurethane is easily bonded to metals and textiles and is ideal for adding as an abrasion resistant coating to lifting slings (see the ‘PU Coated Lifting Slings’ page for further details).

The acquisition of a new Baulé computer controlled mixing and dispensing machine has extended our range of polyurethane materials and enables us to offer customers the lower prices associated with an automated process.