Polyurethane Coated Lifting Slings


For over thirty years Elastomer Engineering has been coating webbing and lifting slings with cast polyurethane. This greatly extends the life of the lifting equipment, especially in harsh environments where abrasion and cutting resistance is essential. The cast polyurethane soaks into the surface of the sling providing a very strong bond. The addition of a state-of-the-art Baulé mixing and dispensing machine extends the range of polyurethane materials available and enables us to offer our customers the lower prices resulting from an automated process. We can offer polyether and polyester grades, both having excellent physical properties and chemical resistance. The polyether material is particularly hydrolytically stable, even in warm water and dilute acids and alkalis. Web slings may be coated on one side or with an all-round encapsulation up to 300mm (12”) wide and 3M (10ft) long in a single casting operation. Longer coatings are easily manufactured from multiple casts. Usually the polyurethane is cast directly onto the sling itself. However, we can also offer ‘loose’ flat tubular polyurethane Wear Sleeves to suit almost any size of sling.  As well as coating polyester slings we can cast the polyurethane directly onto wire woven slings to give a complete encapsulation. This has the advantage of stabilising the weave and protecting the load being lifted.