NR – Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is the only non-synthetic rubber and has been in commercial use since the beginning of the 20th century. It is extracted from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree grown in renewable plantations. It is fully biodegradable.

  • Tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance is excellent over a wide hardness range, and with the exception of certain formulations of polybutadiene, it has the highest resilience of all rubbers.
  • With its good tear strength, fatigue resistance and excellent compression set it is the ideal choice for dynamic applications at low and ambient temperatures.
  • Although natural rubber can be used with water and some dilute acids, alkalis and chemicals, EPDM is normally preferable for most aqueous applications.
  • Natural rubber compounds are not suitable for exposure to petroleum based oils and fuels. It has poor resistance to elevated temperatures and is susceptible to attack by ozone unless specifically compounded with anti-ozonants.
  • Typical applications include anti-vibration mounts, drive couplings, haul-off pads and tyres.
  • Typical working temperature range: -50°C to +80°C