FKM – Fluoroelastomers (Viton®)

Fluoroelastomers or Fluorocarbons, widely known as Viton®, are among the most suitable rubbers for continuous use at temperatures of 200°C and up to 300°C for short periods.

  • Various grades are available, copolymer & terpolymers are most commonly used, depending upon whether compression set, flexibility (as in diaphragms) or chemical resistance is the prime concern.
  • Fluoroelastomers have excellent resistance to ozone and weathering, oils and most chemicals.
  • They are, however, expensive, unsuitable for use with phosphate esters and ketones.
  • Poor low temperature capabilities in the region of -10°C are generally exhibited, however special low temperature grades are available.
  • Typical applications include accumulator bladders, diaphragms, gaskets, O-rings and seals operating in especially harsh environments.

Viton® is a registered trade mark of The Chemours Company.